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About Your Heart Health

If you know your numbers, when you complete the Your Heart Age Forecast, you'll be invited to sign up (for free) to set up Your Heart Health Plan.  Your Heart Health Plan  is a programme that  will help you address areas in your life that affect your heart health and are most in need of change. You'll be asked  a few short questions about your lifestyle to help us create your plan and your answers will be checked against Your Heart Age Forecast results, to pick up any areas of particularly high risk.  You'll receive information in your plan about these areas first.

You'll receive a series of emails - one a week for six weeks - that will guide you through Your Heart Health Plan.  Each email will contain tips and information to help you get rid of harmful lifestyle choices and help you to start making some new, much healthier ones.

As with anything in life, making a change takes practice!  So the 6 week plan is intended as an intensive training course, that will teach you things you'll need to keep doing for the rest of your life.

But don't worry, you won't be doing it all by yourself - in three months time you'll be checked up on, via email, to see how you're going.  It's also a great idea to get friends or family to do the Forecast and sign up for a heart health plan too, so you can go through the process together. Anytime after you finish the initial 6 week plan, you can redo Your Heart Age Forecast and create a new plan - but remember, changing your numbers will not happen overnight.  You will need to stick at your plan for at least three months before you can expect to see significant changes to your numbers.

If you don't know your numbers, you can still sign up for our basic Heart Health Plan and 'Get Your Numbers' reminders.  Your plan won't be personalised, but at least it's a way to start reviewing your lifestyle.  The key thing is to get your numbers, so you can receive your tailored Heart Health Plan.

Content for the Heart Health Plan was edited and reproduced with permission from Unilever New Zealand Ltd

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